Tell JHU: We Deserve a Bonus Too!

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You may have heard that the university recently gave all its employees EXCEPT grad teachers and researchers $500 end of year "thank you" bonuses. This occurred just one week after TRU members joined together in a vehicle caravan reiterating our demands for one-year grad pay extensions, improved lab safety, and a union election. After nine months of hearing and talking with graduate workers, university leaders are well aware what we really need is for our demands to be met in full. The administration has still not responded to those demands. Instead, they have opted to knowingly exclude graduate workers from an essential worker bonus pay despite how essential we have been and continue to be for university operations.

There is no doubt that grad workers have earned some bonus pay, along with the rest of the university's workforce. Join us in sending a letter to President Ron Daniels, Provost Sunil Kumar, and Interim Senior Vice President of Finance and Administration Mary Miller, asking them to extend these bonuses to graduate workers and meet our union's demands!

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