Tell Lawmakers: 64% of Texans Support Marijuana Legalization


A new poll found that 64% of Texans support legalizing marijuana. Tell lawmakers about this new poll and your support for the legalization of marijuana for responsible adult use!

Raise Your Hand Texas, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving education in Texas, conducted this poll in October of 2020. They surveying Texans from all walks of life and found that 50% of Republicans/conservatives support legalizing and taxing marijuana. Meanwhile, 66% of moderates, 71% of independents and more than 75% of Democrats/liberals support the idea.

Generating revenue is one important reason we should repeal prohibition. Doing so would also free up valuable public safety resources, keep peaceful Texans from needlessly being arrested and prosecuted for marijuana possession, and ensure product safety with testing and labeling standards. It's time for a new way forward!

Please take a moment to share this poll with your legislators and make sure they know you support a legal retail market for marijuana in Texas.