Tell Legislators to Oppose a Special Tax on Teachers or Schools


AFT Connecticut has joined with our colleagues in the Connecticut Education Association (CEA) to urge legislators abandon misguided attempts to balance the state budget on the backs of teachers. Previous proposals to shift the state's obligations for investing in public education professionals' retirement security onto struggling communities are back on the table. Lawmakers recently floated a trial ballon for a scheme to hike teachers' contributions to their pensions that would cost thousands annually.

These misguided cost-shift schemes may be aimed at educators, but the collateral damage would include future learning opportunities for our state’s students, too. The increasing fiscal and resource challenges will contribute to a looming teacher shortage here in Connecticut — a situation made worse, not better, by failed austerity budget policies like these.

Tell your representative and senator you oppose unilateral changes that will take local dollars out of the economy, harm the teaching profession and do nothing to solve Connecticut's fiscal challenges.

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