Tell Mayor de Blasio that school buildings must be safe before they reopen

We cannot allow the mayor to put students and families in harm's way. That's why the UFT has laid out a clear set of safety measures each school must meet before it can reopen.

Please join the fight and tell the mayor to adopt the union’s three-point safety plan.

  1. Supplies: Each school must pass the union’s comprehensive safety review, including the presence of a school nurse, sufficient protective equipment and cleaning supplies and proper ventilation.
  2. Procedures: Each school must have a COVID building response team responsible for implementing the procedures needed to keep the virus at bay and to isolate and deal with it quickly if there is a case.  
  3. Testing: Every child and adult should be tested before entering the building. Experts say that without pre-screening, the virus will walk into school buildings on Day 1. We are also demanding a rigorous protocol of random, intermittent testing, and tracing once schools resume in-person learning to detect asymptomatic spread.
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