Tell MN Legislators: Fund Minnesota’s Child Care Assistance Program


Minnesotans understand that when families have affordable child care, parents can succeed in the workplace, kids can thrive in safe care settings, and employers can find the workers they need.

Every month, in all 87 Minnesota counties, the Child Care Assistance Program ensures 30,000 children are cared for in safe, nurturing settings, and 15,000 families can afford the cost of child care so they can work and stay working."

Affordable child care is key to strengthening Minnesota’s robust economy today for years to come. With a state labor shortage, we need to maintain all the tools we have so businesses across the state can find and keep the workers they need. We can’t afford to have parents staying out of the workforce because they can’t afford child care.

But Minnesota hasn’t been providing enough funding for Child Care Assistance. Unfortunately, Minnesota’s investment in affordable child care has decreased by 37 percent since 2003 (in inflation- adjusted dollars).

That means that about 2,000 families are on waiting lists for assistance. And because the reimbursement rates for providers haven’t kept up, parents can have trouble finding a child care provider that meets their needs.

Contact your representatives today and ask them to support children and families in every Minnesota county by increasing funding for the Child Care Assistance Program.

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