Tell MN Legislators: Prioritize child care disaster relief operating funds and regulatory flexibility


The rapidly evolving responses to the COVID-19 crisis require an unprecedented need for child care.

Minnesota state government has asked child care providers to remain open in support of essential and emergency workers and general economic functioning, but has not provided any financial assistance to do so.

We urgently need YOU to contact your Minnesota legislators RIGHT NOW.

The child care system is in imminent danger of collapse. This means that health care providers, police, fire fighters and grocery store employees cannot show up to support their communities. We need legislative support for an emergency child care package.

We know that you and all of us are being affected negatively by COVID-19 on both professional and deeply personal levels. This is not a request only for our community. This is a request on behalf of all children, families and care providers statewide.

Thank you for your immediate action. Please consider adding you own personal experiences to your message.

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