Tell your MN Legislators to maintain the provider tax


Minnesota’s health care provider tax is an essential way of providing affordable health care in Minnesota – and it’s at risk this year. Contact your representatives in St. Paul today to tell them to maintain the provider tax and protect health care in Minnesota.

The provider tax has been a bipartisan solution since 1992 to increase access to health care, contain health care costs, and improve the quality of health care services for Minnesotans including seniors, families with kids, people living with disabilities, and people earning low wages.

The provider tax is an essential tool that Minnesota uses so people can see a doctor or other health care provider when they need one.

But without action by the Legislature, the provider tax will end on December 31, 2019. And that could harm the more than one million Minnesotans who have affordable health care funded in part by the provider tax.

Contact your representatives today and ask that they protect access to health care for Minnesotans.

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