Tell MnDOT to improve the Rethinking I-94 transit options

Twin Cities Boulevard Action Alert! MnDOT's Rethinking I-94 transit options fail the needs of transit riders and perpetuate the highway's harms. Send an email today!

The Minnesota Department of Transportation recently released the recommended transit options for the Rethinking I-94 project. These options will be used to create the upcoming Rethinking I-94 project alternatives.

The recommended options fail the needs of transit riders and ignore the thousands of community members who have called on the agency to repair the highway's harms and expand access to fast, affordable and sustainable transportation options.

Better transit access is a critical need in the Rethinking I-94 project corridor, especially for the 28% of households who do not own a car. Despite this, MnDOT's transit options put moving more car and truck traffic above the needs of transit riders.

  • All but one of the recommended options would rebuild the highway and perpetuate its harms
  • MnDOT is proposing to eliminate further study of all light rail and passenger rail options
  • The study ignores the thousands of community members who have shared their support for the Twin Cities Boulevard. It is unclear if any of the studied options include a full boulevard conversion.

We are calling on MnDOT & Metro Transit to:

  • Add a wide variety of non-highway transit options that are compatible with a boulevard conversion
  • Study comprehensive solutions that include a combination of new local, rapid and express transit service and serve every neighborhood in the project corridor
  • Restore rail options and study new rail connections into the downtowns
  • Add options that repurpose the I-94 trench for grade separated transit, including a new subway tunnel and busway
  • Expand ridership modeling to include the new residents & businesses that would result from a boulevard conversion

Take action by sending an email to MnDOT, Metro Transit, and other Rethinking I-94 project decision makers to demand that better transit options be added before the project moves forward.

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