Tell NY: Protect and Expand Women's Access to Contraception!

As the Trump administration leads the charge to repeal the Affordable Care Act and limit women's access to reproductive healthcare, the New York state legislature has a chance to protect and expand access to birth control. The Comprehensive Contraception Coverage Act would require insurance policies in New York to cover all FDA-approved methods of birth control, preserving one of Obamacare's crucial provisions. Significantly, the bill would also bring men's contraception coverage in line with that of women, ensuring access to birth control for everyone.

However, Republicans in the NY State Senate will kill this bill if we don't speak up! Send NY legislators a message -- it will be more impactful if you include a personal note about why contraception matters to you or your family! Planned Parenthood has a Lobby Day in Albany coming up, so it is the perfect time to take action.

Letter Campaign by
Coalition Z
New York, New York