Tell Our Legislators No Job Should Land any Louisianan in Jail

We all have a right to provide for ourselves and our families without the threat of emotional, physical, or sexual violence. By decriminalizing sex work we will protect the bodily autonomy of Louisianans while preserving the right to provide for oneself and one’s family in a way that one sees fit.

Louisiana House Bill 67 would decriminalize the trade of sexual acts between consenting adults in exchange for money or goods. With your help we can reduce mass incarceration, aid in the fight against sex trafficking, and protect workers’ rights.

The state of Louisiana ranks as one of the poorest states in the nation, and one of the most incarcerated places in the world, with some of the worst outcomes for women, Black and Indigenous folks, and LGBTQIA+ folks. Sex work is often a low-barrier, immediate opportunity for some of the state’s most marginalized folks to put food on the table. However, criminalization burdens sex workers with threat of arrest, fines and fees, and the threat of violence without legal recourse. By decriminalizing sex work we will protect sex workers’ safety, give them equal opportunity to report instances of abuse, in the same way those working in any other trade might, and help to reduce employment discrimination.

Let’s make sure the Criminal Justice Committee knows sex work is work and it should be decriminalized.

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