Tell PURA: Reject gas rate hikes and prolonged dependence on fossil fuels

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Right now, the Public Utility Regulatory Authority, Connecticut’s utility regulator, is seeking public comments on the proposals from two of Connecticut's gas utility corporations. These gas utility corporations seek to increase rates and prolong our state’s dependence on fossil gas by making big investments in gas pipelines and other gas infrastructure. PURA needs to hear from you that this is the wrong direction for Connecticut’s ratepayers and our climate.

The customer charges should not be increased.
Each utility proposes to increase their residential heating monthly fixed customer charges. For CNG, they propose an increase from $18.00 to $21.25 per month; and for SCG from $15.64 to $21.25 per month. If approved, this would go into effect on November 1st, 2024.

We need to put gas in the past, and invest in clean energy instead of more gas pipelines. Our energy bills, our air, and our climate are all at risk when we increase our dependence on fossil fuels. Connecticut residents deserve affordable energy bills and a healthier climate.

Please send your comments to PURA today!

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If state regulators approve their requested rate hike, gas bills will only get more expensive, and Connecticut will continue its dependence on polluting fossil fuels
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