Tell RDUAA and elected officials: Deny the RDU Airport's fence application

The RDU Airport Authority (RDUAA) re-submitted their Neuse Buffer application to DEQ proposing a chain-linked, barbed wire fence to be built within the forested lands bordering William B. Umstead State Park, crossing Haley’s Branch and wetlands. Problems include: severing the Reedy Creek Multi-use Trail within William B. Umstead State Park, forest lost, wetlands and streams harmed, water quality impaired, habitat corridor destroyed, historic and aesthetic character of Umstead State Park and the Old Reedy Creek Recreational corridor harmed, “Park” feel destroyed, Park trail access via Old Reed Creek Road severed, more…..

RDUAA is still proposing to cut off our popular Old Reedy Creek Multi-use Park trail!

RDUAA is ignoring the extreme objections from NC State Parks. RDUAA is ignoring the generous offer by NC State Parks to address the RDUAA’s stated concerns.

RDUAA is still proposing 30ft-wide deforested swath along fence with roads to “patrol” the fence.

RDUAA did not submit any plans to protect the stream crossings and wetlands from the “patrols” along the fence. Think of the muddy mess!

RDU proposes to install gates across larger streams which they claim will be opened during heavy rain events to allow water to flow freely. They provide no information on when or how such openings will be performed. They are after all in the airport business, not stream hydrology. It’s highly unlikely they would divert manpower to distant streams to open and close gates. The result will be back-up behind the gates from storm debris causing clogging of the streams.

There is already a security fence protecting the runways, terminals, parking areas -- this fence is not needed. Shame on RDUAA for resubmitting this unnecessary and environmental travesty against the wishes of the community.