Tell Seattle Council: Override Durkan's Veto on COVID Relief!

Photo credit: Alex Garland

On the morning of Saturday, Aug 1, we learned that Mayor Durkan vetoed the JumpStart COVID relief bill. Unanimously passed by the council, this bill authorizes $86 million this year for emergency aid. Here’s what councilmember Teresa Mosqueda had to say:

“Rent is due today. Federal cash assistance ends today. And today the Mayor vetoes COVID relief for small businesses and families. In the midst of an economic contraction that is four times worse than the Great Depression, we can’t afford to take a wait and see approach when Seattle families’ health, jobs and housing is on the line. If we wait, what we’ll see is more folks unable to pay rent, more families without food, more businesses closing and people losing their jobs – and along with it their healthcare during a global pandemic. This creates a cliff and a more costly and longer road to economic recovery – it will be harder and more costly for people to keep their businesses, housing and childcare without this COVID relief.”

We expected the mayor might veto the big business tax itself— but she didn’t. Instead, she's refusing to spend the money. The rainy day is today. The emergency is now. Join us in urging the council to override Durkan’s veto without delay!

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