Tell Senators Brown & Portman: Act now to keep Ohio’s Medicaid program afloat

All around Ohio, in farmlands and factory towns, suburbs and cities, everyone deserves to get medicine when they are sick, and to get the preventative care they need to stay well. Medicaid has provided that security for millions of Ohioans—but COVID-19 and its economic fallout put our state’s program at risk. Governor DeWine has already cut Medicaid once during the pandemic. Without a surge in federal funding, he may cut even further, and people could lose health coverage right when they need it most.

Senators Sherrod Brown and Rob Portman have the power to prevent that catastrophe. They can stand up for the people of Ohio by pushing the federal government to support states as we fight our way through the COVID crisis. But they need to hear from us!

Right now, while Congress is in recess and the senators are here at home, let’s let them know Medicaid matters:

Senators Brown and Portman, Medicaid matters to our pandemic recovery. Stand up for the people who elected you by supporting the following policies—and by pressing your colleagues to do the same:

  • An increase of at least 14 percentage points in each state’s FMAP (the share of a state’s Medicaid costs paid for by the federal government).
  • Extending the FMAP increase until unemployment goes down to pre-recession levels and state budgets recover.
  • Continuing strong maintenance-of-effort (MOE) protections that prevent cuts to coverage.

By supporting these three changes, Senators Brown and Portman will be fighting to make sure children, people with disabilities, low-income families and seniors can lead healthier lives during the pandemic and in the future. These changes free up state funding for other critical needs, preserving resources for education, job training, public transit, and public works programs. More money for Medicaid will inject cash directly into the economy by keeping nurses and other health care professionals on the job.

Senators Brown and Portman can prevent harmful cuts to Ohio’s hospitals and providers, and stabilize our entire health care system. That’s why all of us need to call on our leaders to bring home the funding that will keep Medicaid alive in Ohio.

Be an advocate for smart, compassionate policy: Contact Senator Brown and Senator Portman today.

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