Tell Lawmakers to Act Now to Help Wisconsinites

While other states are moving quickly to make Medicaid a stronger tool for fighting the COVID-19 pandemic, Wisconsin is being held back by our State Legislature.

Tell your state lawmakers to meet and pass legislation that will help Wisconsin respond to this public health crisis.

The Evers administration is ready to ask our federal leaders to approve changes that will strengthen the ability of health care providers in our state to use Medicaid in the fight against the coronavirus. It would also make Wisconsin eligible for a $50 million per month increase in federal Medicaid funding authorized by Congress. However, a state law passed in December 2018 won't allow them to act without specific legislation.

The federal government has already approved 41 proposals from both "red" and "blue" states allowing increased flexibility to cope with COVID-19. Many of the changes temporarily relax red tape that makes it harder to access services, permit use of alternative care settings, make it easier for people to enroll and get care, and relax timelines for other administrative requirements.

The clock is ticking and our state legislators need to act now to help Wisconsin respond to the COVID-19 crisis. Governor Evers' legislative proposal also includes investments in public health services, support for child care programs, and improvements in private health insurance.

Tell lawmakers to act now so Wisconsin can keep fighting the coronavirus and protect our communities!

To learn more about how Wisconsin’s “lame duck” law impedes our ability to respond to the coronavirus pandemic, read our blog.

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