Tell Tacoma: No more fossil fuel expansion at the port!

The City of Tacoma, Pierce County, Port of Tacoma, and Puyallup Tribe are working on a long-term plan for the port (called the Tideflats subarea planning process), but this process could take years. In the meantime we must keep current fossil fuel infrastructure from expanding. How can the city make a plan if the map keeps changing?

Tacoma's interim regulations provide a temporary reprieve from new heavy industrial development, including fossil fuels, but they have to be renewed every six months. The City of Tacoma is now considering making these regulations permanent until the long-term Tideflats plan is complete.

Let's make sure that the port regulations are not only extended but strengthened! Currently, a loophole allows existing companies to expand their fossil fuel infrastructure in the Port without limit. Tell City Council and the City Planner: ZERO expansion of fossil fuels allowed!

Want to learn more?

Check out this short video on the Tideflats subarea planning process by 350 Tacoma, read this 2018 article by Sightline, or dig into the details at the City's website here.

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