Tell the DC Council: Help DC residents, don't give tax cuts for the wealthy


Why is the DC Council considering tax cuts for successful businesses and wealthy estates when so many residents are struggling just to make ends meet? As DC voters, we need to demand they use our city’s obvious prosperity to reduce inequities—not widen them.

As residents who care deeply about the well-being of all DC residents, we are frustrated to see a budget that fails to use the city's growing resources to help families left behind by DC's rapid growth, instead favoring tax cuts for profitable corporations and million-dollar estates. The proposed DC budget under-funds the city’s plan to end chronic homelessness, provides no money to take families off the housing wait list, leaves school funding well below the level considered adequate, and ignores a child care program, which as a result consigns low-income infants and toddlers to poorer quality care than wealthier children.

DC has better values and priorities than that. The $40 million we stand to lose from those tax cuts could be put to better use helping DC residents and investing in our future, by providing more resources for the 95,000 students in DC publicly funded schools and making a dent in our affordable housing crisis, for example.

Our city can thrive together only when we have well-funded schools, affordable housing, quality health care, and resources to support job training and adult education.

Urge your DC Councilmembers to stop the estate and businesses tax cuts to support the real priorities of DC residents - send a letter today!

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