Tell the Governor to Re-Evaluate the 2012 FEIS

Baltimore's east-west transit corridor has been studied to death over the last 30 years. Time and time again the people have made the same decision – we want the original, federally-approved 2012 light rail line!

MTA's recent Red Line Open House events are an attempt to confuse and divide the public. Their presentation of information at these events seems to be suggesting that it would be better to convert our original light rail line into a bus rapid transit line proposed by Hogan. We know this is untrue.

Light rail, not bus systems, will generate the economic growth Baltimore needs. Light rail is reliable, improves transit equity, and is the better response to climate change.

Given how extensively the corridor has been studied, we also know the best first step towards completing the Red Line light rail project is to have its 2012 Final Environmental Impact Statement (FEIS) re-evaluated. This step will identify any barriers to the completion of the project. Any changes to the route can be addressed.

Sign the letter to tell Governor Moore that you want the original Red Line's 2012 FEIS re-evaluated immediately!

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