Tell the Landmarks Preservation Commission to Vote Against Big Development

On Tuesday, October 20, Hope Street Capital presented their "959 Sterling Place" project to the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC). Because of the amount of opposition to the project and the number of people testifying at the hearing, the Commission decided to postpone their discussion of the project to a later public meeting.

The Commission will continue to accept testimony letters until this public meeting, so we need more letters to be sent.

THIS IS OUR BIGGEST BATTLE: the LPC has the authority to decide whether this project moves forward.

While we oppose the project on many grounds, the LPC only considers arguments related to the preservation of the historical landmark and the architectural integrity of the neighborhood. Therefore, in order to win this, we must make arguments that fall within LPC’s narrow purview.

We HIGHLY encourage those who will be most affected by the project to write their own letter.

However, if you cannot write your own letter, then by all means, send the pre-drafted letter we are providing here. If you don't want to go through Action Network to send this letter, you can access the script and instructions here.

Anyone who opposes the project can send a letter, regardless of their location.