Tell the L&O Committee to Support a Ban on Conversion Therapy!

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Conversion "therapy" is a legal form of child torture. Conversion therapy is the term used to describe therapy that dangerous claims to change a gay person into a straight person or to stop a person from being transgender.

The truth is that conversion therapy has no scientific basis whatsoever. Instead, it is often based on outdated and false theories such as the false notion that being gay is caused by bad parenting. Most conversion therapists falsely blame parents for their child being gay or transgender, even though there is zero evidence for such claims.

Every leading medical and mental health organization in the country and Kentucky has concluded that conversion therapy is dangerous. It doesn’t work, and it can cause life-threatening harm to minors.

42% of survivors attempt suicide.

Please urge the Interim Joint Licensing and Occupations Committee to not turn a blind eye on our kids. Ask them to support the Youth Mental Health Protection Act to protect Kentucky's youth from these dangerous practices!

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