Tell the Minneapolis City Council to Amend the Hennepin Ave S Plan to Restore 24/7 Bus Lanes on Day 1

Tell the members of Minneapolis City Council to restore 24/7 bus lanes on day 1 of the Hennepin Ave S reconstruction opening.

After months of delay, Public Works is finally bringing forward the final plan for the Hennepin Avenue S reconstruction project for approval by the Minneapolis City Council. Unfortunately the original plan has been changed and 24/7 bus lanes will no longer be included when the new street opens in 2026.

Public Works may claim that this layout is the same as the original plan, however that is not true. The current plan would delay the implementation of 24/7 bus lanes until an unspecified date in the future. There is no accountability and no reason to believe that this will happen anytime soon. This is unacceptable. These bus lanes are urgently needed for the thousands who depend on transit to access their daily needs. 24/7 bus lanes must be included on day 1 of the project's opening.

June 9th UPDATE: The Minneapolis City Council Public Works and Infrastructure Committee passed a layout amendment to include 24/7 Bus Lanes on Day 1.

We are now calling on Ward 7 council member Lisa Goodman to join Ward 10 council member Aisha Chughtai to seek a 9 vote majority on June 16th to amend the Public Works Department recommended design and RESTORE the original layout, and we are calling on the entire Minneapolis City Council to support and vote for this amendment — including all day 24/7 bus lanes on Day 1!

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