Tell the New Jersey DEP: Reject the Williams Pipeline



On January 20, 2020, Williams resubmitted its application for the New Jersey permits required to build the NESE pipeline. Williams must obtain several of these permits from the New Jersey DEP before it can begin construction, but one is particularly relevant to New Yorkers: the Freshwater Wetlands Permit, which includes an assessment of the project’s overall need and whether or not alternatives have been explored.

We in New York know that this project isn’t needed, and we have mountains of proof to back it up. We also know that practical alternatives haven’t been explored. The NJDEP will likely not approve this pipeline if we can make this abundantly clear. Let’s let the NJDEP know that there is not—nor will there ever be—a need for this pipeline’s gas, and that they should reject the Freshwater Wetlands Project and stop it for good!