Tell the Ohio Redistricting Commission to set a schedule for maps and hearings

Days away from the final Constitutional deadline, the Ohio Redistricting Commission has yet to establish a schedule for when it will introduce official maps or hold the required public hearings to discuss them. This is unacceptable!

In ten crowded and compelling field hearings, the people of Ohio told the Commission in no uncertain terms what they want to see: fair maps that keep communities together!

Now it is time for us to be able to weigh in on actual proposed maps. Without a schedule, there can be no adequate deliberation and discussion of the officially proposed maps. We need to know when the maps will be introduced, and when we will have a chance to weigh in. The Ohio Constitution specifically mandates no less than three hearings for the public to share their thoughts about proposed maps for Ohio House and Senate districts.  

Take action now. Write the Commission members to demand they establish a schedule for the introduction of maps and the public hearings.

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