Tell the PA House: Stop Judicial Gerrymandering in PA - Vote "NO" on SB22

Representative democracy in Pennsylvania is under attack. This week, on a straight party-line vote, Republican senators passed a Constitutional amendment that would give the majority party in the General Assembly a strikingly unprecedented degree of influence over who is elected to our courts, including the Pennsylvanian Supreme Court. That would, in turn, undermine the checks and balances in our state government — including those that have blocked, and in the future would block, the Republicans from tilting the rules of our democracy in their favor.

The Republican proposal would replace the statewide election of members of the Supreme, Commonwealth, and Superior Court with election by judicial districts. Those districts would be drawn by the General Assembly itself (not by the redistricting commission as some people have claimed). This would enable the Republicans to draw district lines in a way that almost guarantees them a majority on the Supreme Court and our other courts. To attain this goal — and to threaten sitting justices — the General Assembly could redraw these districts for every election. And in the transition from statewide to district elections, the General Assembly could, in effect, shorten the tenure of the current members of the Supreme and other courts while also blocking some of those members from being reelected and helping others to be reelected.

We must tell members of the state House to vote "NO" on this compromised version of SB22.

They must stand up for what is right and not take part in a petty power grab — most especially one tied to what was at one point a good-faith, bipartisan effort to increase transparency and accountability in our democracy.

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