Tell the PSC not to allow utility shutoffs in the middle of a pandemic


Unless the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin acts quickly, some of the most economically vulnerable people in our state face the loss of utility service in just over a week, in the middle of a worsening pandemic.

Back in March, the PSC issued a moratorium on utility shutoffs during the coronavirus pandemic. The expectation was that the pandemic would have eased by now, but that has not happened. Instead, four months later, millions of Wisconsinites are out of work, without health care, experiencing a spike in coronavirus cases -- just when the utility shutoff moratorium is set to expire on July 25.

Please join Our Wisconsin Revolution in asking the PSC to extend the utility shutoff moratorium through April 2021. We have no idea how long the pandemic will last, nor how long it will take to recover from an economic recession. The situation we find ourselves in is not normal. It's an emergency.

The last thing vulnerable Wisconsin families need in the middle of a pandemic is to have their water, gas, or electricity shut off. People need to be able to wash their hands, cook at home, and use the internet to educate their kids. How can they do that if they can't pay their bills because they are unemployed through no fault of their own?

The PSC needs to act, and act quickly. Please send them a letter telling them to extend the moratorium on utility shutoffs through April 2021.