Tell the Senate: Curb Excessive Drug Corporation Profits and Monopolies

Our health should not be up for sale. But drug corporations rake in huge profits by price-gouging us on lifesaving medications. We can change the rules and make prescription medications available to everyone.

But drug corporations are lobbying for more profits and more monopoly power.

In 1983, Congress passed a law aimed at spurring innovation for drugs that treat rare diseases, offering tax credits and monopolies as incentives. Right away, drug corporations turned the law into yet another way to price-gouge people who need lifesaving medications.

Now, the drug corporations are pushing a new bill―the Orphan Product Extensions Now (OPEN) Act―that would grant drug corporations six additional months of monopoly power. It’s morally wrong to extend drug corporation monopolies while families are struggling to get their medications they need.

Tell your senators to reject the OPEN Act and work instead to curb drug corporations’ excess profits and monopolies.

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