Tell the Senate to vote NO on Brett Kavanaugh

There are a litany of reasons to vote against Brett Kavanaugh.

Most obvious and most concerning are the credible accusations and testimony delivered against Kavanaugh by California professor Christine Blasey Ford, a woman that he sexually assaulted in high school. And then we must also consider the allegations that Kavanaugh exposed himself to Deborah Ramirez while in college and the horrifying assertions from Julia Swetnick about Kavanugh being present during gang rapes.

And it appears Kavanaugh has lied during his Senate hearings about a stolen email scandal he said he did not know about during his time in the Bush White House - and the Trump administration still refuses to release hundreds of thousands of documents related to this time period, only adding to the mystery.

He has also told a number of smaller lies that make one wonder whether he's being truthful about the larger issues surrounding the sexual assault allegations - he lied about his drinking, he lied about his yearbook, he lied about his calendar, and so on.

His angry, partisan screaming tantrum he threw at the September 27th hearing makes one wonder aloud whether he has either the impartiality or temperament required of a Supreme Court Justice.

And there, of course, are Kavanaugh's past decisions and legal papers that he has written.

Kavanaugh has suggested enhancing the president’s power to block criminal and civil actions against him, a potentially worrisome position when the president nominating him is under a treason investigation and facing multiple lawsuits. Kavanaugh is also on record being against the unanimous 1974 Supreme Court decision to force Nixon to reveal the Watergate tapes.

Trump's treasonous performance at the Helsinki Summit where he was clearly being manipulated by Putin and sided with the Russian dictator over our own intelligence agencies further enhances this danger and makes it clear we cannot have Kavanaugh on the nation's highest court.

Get the facts:

  • Kavanaugh will shield Trump from prosecution: In 2009, he argued that the president should be exempted from both criminal prosecution and civil suits while in office, arguing that the latter should be delayed until he leaves the presidency. Expect Democrats during the hearings to focus heavily on his apparent view that no one but Congress should be able to hold Trump criminally accountable as long as he remains in office.
  • Kavanaugh will overturn Roe vs. Wade: We also cannot risk a Supreme Court that would put in jeopardy the privacy rights of all Americans and a woman's right to control her own body. Reproductive rights in this country are at risk. Despite overwhelming opposition from the American people, many believe there is a very strong chance Brett Kavanaugh would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade. We cannot allow that to happen.
  • Kavanaugh will allow Trump to destroy the ACA: Anyone who cares about the Affordable Care Act should also fear this choice. Kavanaugh once suggested in the Obamacare case Seven-Sky v. Holder that a future president could choose to nullify Obamacare by just not enforcing it, writing, “Under the Constitution, the President may decline to enforce a statute that regulates private individuals when the President deems the statute unconstitutional, even if a court has held or would hold the statute constitutional.”
  • Kavanaugh is terrible on civil liberties: Kavanaugh has also ruled in favor of the National Security Agency’s expansive call record surveillance operation, arguing that collecting these records did not constitute a “search,” and that even if it did, the government can take such records if it has a “special need” to prevent terrorism, even if this burdens the constitutional rights of those searched.
  • Kavanaqugh is not on the side of consumers: He recently wrote that he thinks the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is unconstitutional on separation of powers grounds.

The more we learn about Kavanaugh, the more we realize the massive importance of defeating this nomination.

Tell the U.S. Senate that there should not be a vote on Brett Kavanaugh until after the American people have had a chance to vote in November and a new Senate is sworn in next January.