Tell Wisconsin's Senators to pass measures that would slow corona virus


Time is of the essence for Congress to act to slow the spread of the corona virus threat.

Yet Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson is signalling that he will vote against the emergency package addressing the crisis due to his opposition to guaranteed paid sick leave.

Tell Wisconsin's Senators we need Congress to act against corona virus!

Last week the U.S. House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a package that includes free testing for the virus and temporary paid sick leave for some workers. Having paid sick leave means that workers can stay home if they are experiencing symptoms of the virus, without worrying that they might lose their job or the income they need to support their families. The package also increases assistance for people who struggle to get access to meals during the crisis, and strengthens unemployment benefits.

The package is an important first step towards keeping communities safe, although it leaves leaves out too many workers from paid sick leave protections. But Senator Johnson is saying that he doesn't want workers to have even the modest protections that are under consideration.

Tell Wisconsin's Senators we need Congress to act on paid sick leave to keep our communities healthy!

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