Tell Wisconsin's Senators We Need a Bill that Puts Workers and Families First


We Need an Aid Package that Puts Workers and Families First

The country needs a Covid-19 response that puts people over profits, and prioritizes workers and families over big corporations. Unfortunately, the package put together by U.S. Republican Senators doesn't measure up to those guidelines, instead favoring big businesses rather than families struggling to get by.

Tell Wisconsin's Senators: We need a Covid-19 response that protects ALL people.

Take action to tell our Senators that we need a bill that will:

  • Ensure that direct payments reach the lowest-income households,
  • Provide help to people struggling to pay their rent and who may become homeless,
  • Include a specific focus on immigrant families and communities of color,
  • Invest in early learning so essential workers can provide critical services,
  • Increase food assistance,
  • Make it easier to get affordable health care coverage, and
  • Provide new resources for state to help them avoid deep budget cuts that would worsen the economic crisis.

A major giveaway to wealthy corporations, like the ones included in the Republican Senate package, will do little to address the economic harm inflicted by Covid-19. If large corporations do receive public funds, these funds must be used to support their employees and not to enrich themselves through stock purchases.

Wisconsin Senators need to hear from you that they should focus on the needs of struggling families, not big corporations.

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