Tell WV's Congressmen: No Healthcare Cuts to Pay for Tax Giveaways!

Thanks to grassroots action from you and folks from around the country, healthcare repeal was stopped; a huge victory for working families, seniors, people with disabilities, children and all West Virginians but the fight is not over yet. Even deeper cuts to Medicaid and Medicare have been proposed in the Republican FY2018 Budget Resolution, which would slash healthcare by $1.5 trillion over the next ten years to pay for billions in tax breaks to the rich and corporations over that same period.

Worse still, a proposed $150 billion cut from food stamps, also known as SNAP would push West Virginia working families and children over the brink into hunger and malnutrition. In our state alone, 357,000 people receive food assistance through this program, that's 20% of West Virginia's population.

These cuts would impact the people in our state who depend most on Medicaid: seniors, children and people with disabilities. In West Virginia, hundreds of thousands depend on Medicaid and Medicare, and any cuts to federal spending coming in to the state would tremendously burden our stretched thin state budget and take medicine away from our most vulnerable friends and neighbors.

Write a letter to your Congressman today! Tell them WV can't accept a budget that puts medicine out of reach for kids, seniors and working families, all to give a massive tax break to millionaires and billionaires.

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