Tell Your State Representative: Reject Ohio's Nuclear Energy Bailout, HB6


Tomorrow, the Ohio House will cast a final vote on House Bill 6, which would create subsidies for dirty forms of energy like coal and natural gas, increasing unhealthy, climate-changing air pollution over time.

House Bill 6 was introduced in an attempt to prop up two failing nuclear power plants by adding a fee on monthly electric bill to fund subsidies for carbon-free energy sources including nuclear energy. Those nuclear jobs are absolutely worth saving, but HB6 does so while also scrapping Ohio’s groundbreaking renewable energy and efficiency standards which help to advance the development of pollution-free sources of energy.

HB6 is a huge step backward after a decade of investment. In order to protect nuclear jobs, it threatens the more than 112,000 jobs in Ohio’s clean energy and efficiency industries. Eliminating the renewable energy and efficiency standards will end the economic growth in this sector and threaten good-paying, clean-energy jobs across the state.

With lawmakers set to take a vote , please take a minute to send a letter to your State Representative urging them to oppose House Bill 6 without substantial changes to protect our health, our economy, and our environment.

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Columbus, OH