Tell Your Legislator to Reject HB 2207!

In order for our democracy to remain strong, voters MUST be able to choose who represents them in Harrisburg. For decades, Pennsylvania has been one of the most gerrymandered states in the country. However, now that the Legislative Reapportionment Committee is about to adopt fair election districts, certain majority party leaders are angry and pushing back.

These leaders will now only accept an election drawing process which makes it possible for them to control both the PA House and Senate. They have proposed House Bill 2207, which would amend the PA Constitution to change the way state legislative districts are drawn. It would create a ‘redistricting commission’ that would be under control of legislative leaders. This gives incumbent House and Senate members the ultimate power to draw their own districts.

This bill is an unprincipled attack on the civic process in Pennsylvania. If only one party can win elections, our democracy is no longer free or fair. Enter your information on the right to urge your state representative to reject HB 2207.