Tell Your Legislators: Partner with Governor-Elect Evers

Educators are looking forward to partnering with Governor-Elect Tony Evers, but Republicans in the State Legislature are looking to limit his ability to govern by calling a special session to tilt the scales in their favor before he takes office.

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Tell them to allow the Governor-Elect the same ability to govern that Governor Walker had!

Not all of the bills have been introduced, but these proposals are on the fast-track. Here's some of what's on the table:

  • Barriers on healthcare access by putting work requirements for Badgercare into state law;
  • Changing early voting laws to limit in-person absentee voting;
  • Moving Wisconsin's presidential primary to benefit the Republican Supreme Court Justice candidate;
  • Limiting the power of the governor around administrative rules;
  • Stripping the governor of power to appoint the head of the Economic Development Corp.; and
  • Reducing individual income tax rates.

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