Tell Your Delegates to Protect Marylanders from “Forever” PFAS Pesticides

Are you worried about PFAS, commonly referred to as “forever chemicals”? Startlingly, they are found in many pesticides that are used in homes, emergency rooms, health care facilities, schools, and lawncare. They are also used on crops and are contaminating our food, water and soil.

PFAS is a group of harmful chemicals that stay in our bodies forever and are associated with serious illnesses such as cancer, reproductive damage, endocrine disruption, and developmental issues in children.

The Maryland General Assembly has the opportunity to ban this source of PFAS. HB 1190 is a commonsense bill that prohibits sales of pesticides in Maryland that have PFAS listed as an active ingredient.

Your legislators need to hear from you about how important it is for Maryland to take this commonsense step. Please fill out the information requested and click "start writing"; you will have the option to edit the letter on the next page. Your legislators need to hear from you TODAY!

"If the intent was to spread PFAS contamination across the globe there would be few more effective methods than lacing pesticides with PFAS.”

Kyla Bennett, Peer Science Policy Director, Attorney & Scientist Formerly with EPA