Tell your legislators to support higher education access for all students!


Undocumented students cannot qualify for federal, or state financial aid, making affording college very difficult. In CT, state colleges & universities set aside a percentage of tuition revenue to serve as institutional aid for students who have financial need. Institutional Aid is student generated funds ­funded by tuition dollars that all students pay, it’s not tax or state funded.

Immigrant students contribute to these funds by paying tuition, but DO NOT have access to the pool of aid they help fund. This is NOT FAIR - if you pay into this pool of funds, you should have access to it!

Together, we can change this unfair system. RIGHT NOW, there are two bills, HB 7000 and SB 17, under consideration that would allow undocumented students to be able to apply for and access the institutional aid their own tuition dollars fund.

We DO NOT have the votes to make #AffordToDream a reality. That’s why we are asking YOU to send a letter to your legislators.

The time is now for us to act. We can no longer wait. Our dreams can no longer wait.