Ask your MP to support a referendum for a First Nations Voice to Parliament!

It has been close to two years since 250 Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander delegates convened at Uluru at the historic First Nations Referendum Council and endorsed The Uluru Statement from the Heart.

The delegates' vision is for "a fair and truthful relationship with the people of Australia and a better future for our children based on justice and self-determination."

The Statement calls for a First Nations Voice to Parliament, and a Makarrata Commission, as two necessary steps for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples to gain a greater say in and authority over decisions that affect them.

What is a First Nations Voice?

The details of the First Nations Voice are not set out in the Statement, and will be the subject of further deliberation and negotiation. It is likely that it would be an elected First Nations national representative body, and that it would be empowered to give Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people a voice in laws that affect them.

What's a Makarrata Commission?

Makarrata is a Yolgnu word meaning ‘a coming together after a struggle’. A Makarrata Commission would have two roles: supervising a process of agreement-making, and overseeing a process of truth-telling.

How do we make this happen?

For a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in our constitution, we'll need a referendum. That's why in the lead up to the Federal Election, supporters of the Uluru Statement are talking to their communities about the importance of voting for candidates that will support a referendum.

Who supports a referendum?

So far, only Labor and the Greens have demonstrated support, and committed to holding a referendum if there's a change in government.

What can we do?

Send a letter to your local MP* to hold them to their word, or to ask them to make a commitment to vote yes for a motion for a referendum for a First Nations Voice to be enshrined in our constitution!

*While the postcode matching tool is generally accurate, there is a small chance you'll get matched to an MP in a neighbouring electorate. These mismatches are uncommon, and we encourage you to still hit send!