Tell your Ohio Legislators to Plan for a Fair Redistricting Process

Now that the Ohio Redistricting Commission has abdicated its duty to draw a congressional map, the task is being thrown back to the General Assembly. It is urgent that the Ohio House and Senate get to work right away on a fair, thorough, and transparent redistricting process!

Fair Districts sent a letter to General Assembly members with the following demands:

  1. Schedule field hearings as soon as possible.
  2. Consider maps submitted by the public.
  3. Invite testimony from diverse academics and experts.
  4. Publish a clear process for decision-making, and full schedule for the month of November that details all public hearings and joint committee meetings.

Send an email to your Ohio Representative and Senator today telling them to get to work. Demand that they establish a thorough and transparent process for drawing congressional maps to ensure the result is the fair maps required in the Ohio Constitution.

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