Tell your Ohio legislators to use the Fair Districts Model Congressional Map

Fair Districts Ohio has unveiled a model congressional map that complies with the Ohio Constitution, abides by the ruling of the Ohio Supreme Court, and delivers fairness and an end to gerrymandering to the people of Ohio.

The model map beats the legislature-drawn map that the Ohio Supreme Court struck down last month in every important measure, scoring higher for proportionality, compactness, competitiveness and minority representation, while minimizing splits and the efficiency gap. That's because the map was drawn with the needs of Ohio’s communities in mind, not with the underlying motivation to unfairly favor one political party over another.

The court-imposed 30-day deadline for the legislature to submit a new map will be up by February 13, and yet so far there's been no visible progress.

Tell your Ohio representative and senator to use the model map as a starting point in the official congressional mapmaking process.

Click “start writing” to send an email to your legislators today.
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