Tell Your Rep To Support H.R. 1

The groundbreaking reform bill introduced in the House earlier this year known as H.R. 1, the For The People Act, could see a vote soon.

In a hearing that took place last week for H.R. 1, Representative Elijah Cummings  said,

“This sweeping legislation will clean up corruption in government, fight secret money in politics, and make it easier for American citizens across this great country to vote.”

For more, read: The House Takes on America’s Voting-Rights Problem

H.R. 1 is aimed at fixing unfair partisan gerrymandering, cutting the influence of big lobbyists, embracing small dollar political donations, and making access to voting easier for all.

It is intended to address some of the gravest problems in democracy today and we need our elected officials in Congress to champion it.

Add your name to let your representative know you support H.R. 1!