Tell Your Representative: Public Money Belongs in Public Schools – Vote NO on HB 32

The privatizers at the NC General Assembly are at it again. Rather than fund the critical investments in public education that our schools require, they want to divert more than $400 million dollars of public money to private schools over the next decade, in addition to the billions of dollars allocated to the current voucher program.

House Bill 32 is expected to be heard in the House Education Committee this week and move very quickly for a vote. Tell your Representative that North Carolina wants to keep public money in public schools! Vote “NO!” on HB 32.

Our public schools have not yet recovered from the pandemic, and legislators are already trying to drain the essential resources our schools need. HB 32 will substantially expand eligibility for the NC voucher program, funneling millions of taxpayer dollars to increasingly subsidize payments to families with children in private schools.

Legislative changes from last year’s voucher program expansion are estimated at $272 million over the next 10 years. The changes proposed under HB 32 would add another $159 million to these costs over the next nine years.

Our students and our communities deserve better than this. Ask your legislator to vote NO on HB 32 by signing our petition.