Tell your senators: Demand answers from Gorsuch

Twenty years from now, we could still be fighting an agenda that sides with corporations and the powerful over workers, students and consumers—because of Judge Neil Gorsuch, the man Donald Trump has nominated to the Supreme Court.

The truth is, this could be Trump’s most worrying nomination yet. A seat on the Supreme Court is a lifetime appointment, which puts so much at stake when it comes to our country, our communities and our basic rights. As it looks right now, Trump’s appointee to the court will be the deciding vote on cases affecting workers’ rights, voting rights, LGBTQ rights, and the safety of our drinking water, our air quality, our planet and our democracy. No matter what the issue, what happens with “the Supremes” touches every corner of our lives and will affect generations to come.

Gorsuch’s record raises serious doubts that he will put working people first. That’s why his confirmation hearing is so important. Senators need to ask the tough questions; they need to ask about his beliefs and philosophy. That way, the American people will have a chance to see whose side Gorsuch is on, not just hear that, as the news reports say, he’s a nice guy.

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