Tell your state Representative and Senator: Support HB 6537!

During the COVID-19 pandemic, access to paid sick leave is more important than ever! Paid sick days are critical to essential workers, the majority of whom are women and people of color who are least likely to have access to paid sick days right now as they continue to work on the frontlines of the crisis.

House Bill No. 6537: An Act Concerning Paid Sick Days Expansion and Domestic Worker Coverage will strengthen Connecticut's existing law and provide ALL workers paid sick days - regardless of the size of their employer or their job title - to care for themselves or their loved ones.

Connecticut became the first state in the nation in 2011 to require certain employers to provide up to 40 hours of paid sick time to their workers; however, 10 years later and in the middle of a pandemic, the law needs improvement! The law only applies to employers with 50+ employees in certain service occupations and leaves out a large portion of the hourly workforce, including domestic workers who continue to work on the frontlines of this crisis but have been left out of basic labor rights to protect themselves and their families.

Lawmakers MUST take action to pass H.B. 6537 this session and ensure that all workers in our state have access to the paid sick time they need to heal, recover and care for their loved ones. Take action today!

To learn more about paid sick days in Connecticut and HB 6537, read CWEALF's fact sheet here.

**COVID-19 paid sick leave is also included in Sections 20-25 of H.B. 6595 and S.B. 1002. For more information on the paid sick leave proposed in those bills, click here to read CWEALF's fact sheet.