Tell your state representative to support HB 2346 today!

Solar installations in Washington have been booming thanks to a successful incentive program. This program, however, is nearing the end of its useful life. Without reasonable updates its effectiveness will be significantly reduced beginning this year.

House Bill 2346, introduced January 11, 2016 and sponsored by Reps. Jeff Morris and Norma Smith, is a bipartisan bill designed to promote a sustainable, local renewable energy industry by modifying the current renewable energy system tax incentive program.

HB 2346 will renew and reform support for solar at a lower cost, ensuring that we continue to lead the effort to increase renewable energy at a time when it is most needed. HB 2346 will provide the stability that consumers, installers and manufacturers need in order to continue strong deployment of solar and to expand the industry. HB 2346 will also add simplicity and certainty for new solar consumers who seek a solar energy alternative by offering 10 years of incentive payments at the same rate at which they enter the program. Finally, HB 2346 provides protection for existing solar customers by closing the existing incentive program and freezing incentive rates for current participants in that program at the rate they received in their 2014-2015 payout.

Contact your representatives today to let them know that reforming the incentive program will help to sustain solar production and adoption, support renewable energy choices for consumers and businesses, and create additional family wage jobs in both the installation and manufacturing sectors in Washington State.

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Letter Campaign by
Alana Nelson
Mount Vernon, Washington