Tell your state senator: Reject charter school expansion, pass cyber charter school funding reform

The PA House recently passed House Bill 357, a charter school expansion bill.  

It is unacceptable that lawmakers are ignoring pleas for cyber charter funding reform from their constituents and instead are advancing legislation that would promote charter school expansion and significantly increase charter school tuition costs for taxpayers.

This bill strip communities of the ability to plan and exercise appropriate fiscal and academic oversight over their public education systems. It also weakens accountability, allows for the unfettered expansion of even the lowest performing charter schools, and fails to protect taxpayers and students from failing schools.

We expect that House Bill 357 will come up for a vote in the PA Senate or be placed into  School Code legislation.

Our communities need lawmakers to fix cyber charter school funding to eliminate wasteful spending, save taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars, reduce pressure on property taxes, and help get critically needed resources into our children’s schools.

Please take a minute to email your state senator and ask him/her to reject HB 357 and instead vote for cyber charter school funding reform.

Thank you!

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Harrisburg, PA