Tell Your U.S. Senators: End the Genocide in Burma (Myanmar)


Tell your U.S. Senators: co-sponsor the "Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2019" (S.1186).

A bipartisan group of U.S. senators have introduced the "Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2019" (S.1186) to take action to end Myanmar's genocide against the Rohingya and crimes against humanity directed at other ethnic minorities in Burma (Myanmar). Ask your U.S. senators to support and co-sponsor the "Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2019" (S.1186) today.

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The "Burma Human Rights and Freedom Act of 2019" (S.1186) would:

  • Authorize desperately needed humanitarian assistance for hundreds of thousands of Rohingya refugees;
  • Hold Burmese military officials accountable for their crimes via economic sanctions and visa denials;
  • Reinstate import restrictions on "genocide gems" jade and rubies, whose extraction and trade is dominated by Burmese military business interests.

When the world says "Never Again" after an incidence of genocide, we have to mean it.

We have the responsibility right now to help end the genocide of the Rohingya. Let’s take action together and take action now.

Thank you,

Simon Billenness, Executive Director

For the International Campaign for the Rohingya: Joseph K. Grieboski, Simran Stuelpnagel, Jack Rendler, and Michael DeLong.

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Simon Billenness
Washington, District of Columbia
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