Tell your Va. state lawmakers: Expand Medicaid Now


“This unnecessary delay is made more insulting to Virginians by the reality that the House of Delegates passed a budget that expands health care weeks ago, and a majority of Senators have indicated they would vote for a similar measure if the Senate would simply put one on the floor. Virginians have waited long enough. It’s time to pass a budget that expands Medicaid and invests in the future of our economy.”-- Gov. Ralph Northam

The House included Medicaid expansion in their budget proposal -- weeks ago -- along with its savings and additional investment in areas such as K-12 education.

But once again, the Senate has delayed the budget process, creating another barrier to accessing health care for hundreds of thousands of people in Virginia. And the Senate's inaction is hindering localities from putting together their budgets. Students, teachers, parents, local and state law enforcement are in limbo, not knowing whether or not additional investments proposed in the House budget will become a reality.

The Senate must do their job. They must hear from you. And they must be held accountable to truly represent their constituents and do what is best for the commonwealth -- expanding Medicaid, providing people with the opportunity to protect their health and gain a degree of economic security that comes from being able to afford quality health care.

Virginia must delay no longer. Lawmakers in every district across the state have the opportunity right now to help their constituents, their neighbors, who lack health insurance. The cost of doing so will be paid by the federal government, saving Virginia nearly $400 million dollars in the budget. And the House proposal takes additional precautions in the event that federal funding changes.

Please call or write your lawmakers today. Ask them to please think of their constituents and to follow the leadership of the House Appropriations Committee and get this done for the greater good of the Commonwealth. Ask them to expand healthcare coverage. The time is now!

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