Tell your W.V. state legislators: Save Medicaid coverage for 95,000 vulnerable residents

95,000 low-income West Virginians are at risk of losing Medicaid coverage. Contact your legislators and ask them to oppose HB 3136.

A West Virginian who is taking care of her children and elderly parents should not have to worry if she can afford a doctor when she’s ill. A father with an irregular work schedule should not have to choose between putting food on the table and his insulin. A young woman dealing with addiction should not be at risk of losing the coverage that helps pay for her treatment. That’s why Medicaid is there - to ensure that our most vulnerable families can get essential health care in times of need.

Unfortunately, thousands of struggling West Virginians could soon lose access to vital Medicaid coverage under HB 3136, a risky and untested proposal to take health coverage away from people who do not meet new work requirements. Even those who do meet the requirements will be at risk of losing coverage if they are unable to navigate a complex new reporting system, as we saw when a similar program was implemented in Arkansas.

Medicaid is a health program - not a jobs program- and this legislation would fly in the face of that.

Act now! Contact your legislators and tell them not to put the health care of 95,000 vulnerable West Virginians at risk.