Thank 56 Senators Who Voted to End War on Yemen

For the first time ever, the U.S. Senate has actually used the 1973 War Powers Resolution, forcing a vote and passing (56 to 41) a resolution to end a war. The resolution has a ridiculous, reprehensible, and illegal loophole in it about fighting al Qaeda. The House has just voted 206 to 203 not to take the same action. The President has threatened a veto. But the path forward begins with celebrating and building on this remarkable precedent. Politicians have often tried to believe that ending unpopular wars would be unpopular if not condemned as a treasonous act of failing to "support the troops." Now that 56 senators have done this, and we need them to do it again as soon as possible on this same war and several others, we need to thank and encourage them!

Here is the record of which senators voted which way. This action is emailing only those who voted against war, and can only send them emails from their constituents.

Here is the record of which House members voted which way.

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