Thank Sen. Kirk Cullimore for introducing Prosperity 2030!

Here’s the thing: air quality along the Wasatch Front is killing us and killing our economy. On average, we lose 2-5 years of our lives simply by breathing the air of northern Utah. Our economy loses out on $2 billion in direct and indirect impacts from pollution.

GOP State Senator Kirk Cullimore has introduced a policy framework he’s calling Prosperity 2030 to reduce pollution 50% by 2030. The legislation calls for:

  • A new motor vehicle registration plan and incentives to reduce transportation emissions 50% by 2030 and help low-income drivers afford cleaner vehicles;

  • A 50% reduction from homes and buildings through new building standards or offsets along with point-of-sale efforts to improve existing structures;

  • A new, simplified emissions market for large industrial polluters;

  • A new air pollution research institute at the University of Utah; and

  • The establishment of an Asthma Fund to pay for medical expenses caused by pollution.

This is the most ambitious plan Utah has ever seen to tackle our poor air quality and we want to make sure Sen. Cullimore receives some well-deserved kudos for his legislation. Join us in thanking him for introducing Prosperity 2030.
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