Thank the Pittsburgh Planning Commission for denying the Penn Plaza re-development proposal

We would like to thank the City of Pittsburgh Planning Commission for refusing to approve the Penn Plaza re-development proposal. This project displaced hundreds of residents to make way for luxury apartments and a Whole Foods. The Commission deserves credit for listening to the concerns of hundreds of community members.

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Dear City of Pittsburgh Planning Commission,

Thank you for your courageous vote on January 10 to deny LG Realty’s proposed Pennley Park South Preliminary Land Development Plan. Thank you also for pointing out the lack of a robust, open, and inclusive community process for that PLDP - and for your own example of actually listening to the voices of the community.

Those community members shared a variety of concerns, including traffic and intersection safety, the change in the size and function of the park, and especially the lack of any affordable housing in the plan.The Pennley Park South development project has displaced some of this City’s most vulnerable residents from a community they have lived in for years. Thank you affirming that this development which effectively excludes such people from living in the proposed new housing cannot possibly “create a favorable social impact on the City.”  

The fact that LG Realty has promised to divert half of a $20-$24 million tax subsidy into a fund that could potentially be used to build affordable housing somewhere else in the neighborhood at some indefinite point in the future is irrelevant. That same public subsidy could be used to provide a more inclusive housing mix in LG Realty’s own development project here and now.  LG Realty has the ability to build replacement housing that is available to all Pittsburghers regardless of race, class and physical ability, but they choose not to. Despite widespread community opposition to the harm they are causing, LG Realty has refused to budge from their insistence on building 100% luxury housing. They want rezoning and taxpayer support but they won’t consider putting our tax subsidy to good use by building a more inclusive, affordable housing mix.  

Thank you for making it clear that this kind of behavior is unacceptable. Like many other Pittsburgh residents, I agree with the Pittsburgh Commission on Human Relations that the City has a legal obligation to uphold civil rights law requirements to further fair housing opportunities for all. We urge you to continue to exercise the City's right and responsibility to affirm fair housing throughout the City of Pittsburgh in the future.

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